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How secure are my images on the Giving Arts website?

When you send us your high-resolution image to Giving Arts it is stored in a secured location that is never displayed anywhere on the Internet. As a result your high-resolution images cannot be stolen. We do make however, low resolution copies for display on our products that are shown in our online store on the Internet. These low-resolution images can be stolen and unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

Any image that appears on a website can be stolen. We do disable the right click function on the mouse in order to discourage theft, but we know that this feature can also be easily circumvented by Internet Thieves.

It is literally impossible to stop someone from downloading an image from a website. All someone has to do is press the “Print Screen” button on their keyboard and they have instantly copied everything on their computer screen. So, while your high-resolution images that you send us are always protected with Giving Arts, unfortunately your low- resolution images are not.


Updated on September 20, 2021
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